Ruffikins has been on a bit of a hiatus since our last post.  Truth is that we have been trying to figure out what is the best way to promote Ruffikins and actually have folks buy these delicious treats.  Clearly the current method is not working.  Ruffikins sell like hotcakes when we are there in person. They have not however turned into an internet sensation.  We get lots of views, but no sales.  
Rumor has it that we need to change our site and get right to the point. How to buy should be front and center. So we are working on that and some other creative ideas. Thoughts anyone?
What actually made Ruffikins get back to writing was a letter in the "Dear Diary" section of the New York Times.  It was written by Larry Eisenberg and concerned the passing of a homeless man named Jose Perez and his dog Shorty. A truly New York story and one that speaks about the city on many levels.  Worth reading if you can find it. We are thrilled that it sounds as though Shorty has a new home and pleased that so many people turned out for Jose Perez's funeral Mass at St. Joseph's.