Ruffikins has been in existence (legally) for a short time (3 months).  From a boatride in Amsterdam where three friends floated down the canals discussing, “Why do you want to do this?” to “your naming it what?” it has been quite a journey.  The “how” it got started is detailed in my website, www.ruffikinsmuffins, so we won’t go into that again.   What is not discussed is what it actually takes to start a dog treat business.  Easier said then done! Thank goodness I did not know a thing when I started other than a passion for my pooch, and the fact that I like to cook. 

Let’s start with do not believe the how easy it is do to stories that you read on the internet.  Obviously, it is not insurmountable, otherwise Ruffikins would not exist. It does however take patience, perseverance and a bit of creativity.  Should you think you want to start a business be prepared for all things you cannot do if you are not registered and licensed to sell your product.  It is too long and involved to go into the details of having your product tested and how you need to package and label it…… write to me if you have questions in that regard for the state of New York.  So  really what is the most important thing you need to do? Have a passion for the product, love to learn and reach out to people that can help you and guide you to build your business. 

One might ask what is the "so what" at this stage of the buisness? The "so what" is that it can be a lot of fun.  The Farmers Market in Tuxedo, New York has been great.  Filled with lots of folks that are dedicated to their products and enjoy their interaction with the customers.   Good thing Ruffikins are truly the treat that your dog could share with you, as several people, before they read the signage or before I could stop them actually popped my sample Ruffikins into their mouths.  Not to worry, nothing harmful in them for humans.  My step-daughter  during a recent visit actually ate them for breakfast, dipping them into maple syrup to add sweetness,  (remember, they have no sugar).  

Reaching out to other venue’s and events is also terrific.  Ruffikins is going to provide muffins for two charity events through a great group called rock & rawhide www.rock& . On August 25th the first ever adoption day for the Union Township Animal Shelter will be held and the first 15 people that adopt will be provided with goodie bags that will include a sample of Ruffikins Muffins. On Sept 8th there will be a run and the first 30 people that sign up will receive samples of Ruffikins as well. 

If you have had a chance to try Ruffikins, let me have your thoughts.  A recent suggestion by a friend is that I should add walnuts so that her Macaws could eat them.  So as a flight of fancy, Ruffikins might try a sample batch and see if we might be dogs of a feather! We will keep you posted.

8/19/2012 10:13:55 pm

A quick correction.... Rock and Rawhide's website is Sorry about that!


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