Apologies for some incomplete sentences on our previous post regarding our appearance on The Couch. 

We started to mention that we were pleased that John Elliot could try a Ruffikin without worries.  He has been known to try other dog treats on the show and as the previous treat maker advised him, "Keep your paws off those!"  We said, "go ahead and try one; perhaps with a bit honey."

Technology is not our strength at Ruffikins. We are learning as we go.  So from time to time, you will note, that we will need to send a correction.

We hope that you realize that what we are passionate about is what we do and our strength is our product. 

Remember, Ruffikins are DOG TREATS, made with human grade ingredients, and we think so good that your pet might share a nibble with you.  Charlie recommends that your pets do not share them with you.  You have enough good things to eat that your pet does not need to share them with you.  So, keep your paws off! Yes, we are back to that.

Check out our segment on the show. http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2012/10/16/local-woman-makes-treats-for-the-foodie-dog-owners-can-eat-them-too/#listen-live

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