The previous post gave you all the ingredients that are in Ruffikins.  As stated, 
we have done a lot of research, and in the recent article by Elizabeth Pask and Laura Scott in the magazine "Modern Dog," we were thrilled to see the Ruffikins Muffins recipe was validated again by yet another source. 

Of the 10 foods listed, 4 are ingredients in Ruffikins: pumpkin, eggs, apples, and oatmeal. The article is interesting, and includes other foods such as salmon, which Charlie loves, (be sure that it is cooked salmon, not sushi), green beans (not a favorite; but hey you can't win them all), and sweet potatoes (we like pumpkin better.)

Rather than go into the details of each of the ingredients, read the article or our previous entry.  It might give you some ideas of how to incorporate other foods, in addition to Ruffikins, into your pet's daily food intake.  It does advise that any additions to your dog's diet should not comprise more than 25 percent of the weekly caloric requirement. Also remember, just like people, dogs have likes and dislikes! 
It has been suggested, like the Macaw muffins (see previous post) that we should research a gluten free muffin and a vegan variety that would have a substitute for eggs which, of course, is not acceptable for the vegan dog (is there such a thing?)   We might try these suggestions, but they would not be available until we have all the necessary approvals, legally and just as importantly, approval by our tasters, Charlie  and friends.



P.S.  We discovered that Macaws do not like cinnamon. We really are not "dogs of a feather, after all.

Inge Kerster
10/2/2012 09:06:08 am

Billy, Sammi and Mookie say "woof, woof" which in human terms means "more, more"


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