Ruffikins was at the Best Friends "Strut Your Mutt" today on the Hudson Piers. This was a huge event with many vendors and organizations and folks involved with helping rescue animals, including Rock & Rawhide, which we mentioned in some of our earlier posts. 

The great surprise at the Rock & Rawhide tent was seeing Kate Perry, dog trainer extraordinaire ( Her goal is "creating the best possible relationship between you and your dog." A few years ago, Charlie, or should we say "we", used her services and to this day we still put into practice what she taught us.  Kate has a new book that is coming out this Tuesday and we urge you to look for it. So what can we say except that once again Rock & Rawhide rocked for us in having Kate be part of its organization and giving us the opportunity to meet up again. To those that helped to support Rock & Rawhide, THANK YOU!

Ruffikins would also like to thank Jeannie of Shepherds Hope Rescue ( for helping us today at our tent and for getting the word out about Ruffikins.  Check out her organization as well and see all the good deeds that they do for these German Shepherds.
10/18/2021 05:05:01 pm

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