Go to the above link to see Ruffikins Muffins on the October 16th episode of "The Couch." The local CBS morning show featured a segment about Ruffikins.  

Ruffikins wants to thank everyone on the show for this exciting experience and the chance to spread the word why we are so passionate about Ruffikins.  

Check out Charlie on the show. I think you will agree that he was the perfect pooch. He loved the attention that he received from the two beautiful hosts, Carolina
Bermudez and Lisa Kerney. Although you could not see Charlie for part of the segment, he was in seventh heaven when Katie McGee joined the cast to ask some questions about Ruffikins. We hope that her dog, Norman, is feeling better today as he was home with an upset stomach. He suffers from allergies.   Charlie was also thrilled to meet John Elliot, the third host of the show, when he stopped by the Green Room to say hello. He gave the crew the full body waggle the entire morning as only a happy cocker spaniel can do. High praise indeed.

A loud RUFF, RUFF (THANK YOU, THANK YOU) to everyone for their support yesterday. We would love to do it again.

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